Refusals and Appeals

The right to appeal is fundamental to the Rule of Law, and the migrants should have full access to justice through this right.

Immigration Appeals

Under British law, if a refusal or negative decision from a Court/Government department affects the life of an individual/family (such as to enter or live in the UK), then they have a right to appeal.  The right to appeal is fundamental to the Rule of Law, and it is necessary that every migrant should have full access to justice through their appeal rights.

Refusal & Appeal Procedure

Refusal Appeal Procedure is a complex task but produces successful outcomes in some cases. Our experienced solicitors at SJK assist you to overcome the complications of appeal process. We understand our clients’ needs and provide them best possible advice and representation they need. We give our clients the confidence that they are in the best hands and have a great chance of achieving a positive results for their appeal.

UK Immigration Refusals & Appeals

SJK Solicitors offers a wide range of services covering almost every aspect of Immigration requirements. Whether you want to chat about your case, meet an immigration specialist or just want to discuss your immigration circumstances, we always have an affordable option that suits your needs.

Spouse Visa Appeal

Spouse Visa Appeal

At SJK Solicitors, our solicitors have a clear knowledge of why spouse visas are refused and provide the most suitable advice to challenge the refusal decision.

ILR/Settlement Visa Appeal

ILR/Settlement Visa Appeal

The ILR application can be refused if it is not prepared well. You can challenge the decision by appeal if you have a valid human rights claim or Judicial Review.

Human Rights Appeal

Human Rights Appeal

Our solicitors are well experienced in handling immigration appeals based on human rights grounds.  This is one of the extremely complex areas of immigration law. 


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